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As a member of GTA, you are also a member of CTA. Did you know there are over 325,000 members of CTA? Because of their purchasing power, they are able to negotiate valuable benefits, programs and services for our members. Of all the benefits and programs available to CTA members, their long list of discounts on retail shopping, entertainment and vacation destinations are probably the most popular among members. Because when it’s time to go see a movie, get away for the weekend, plan a family vacation or just do some shopping, CTA members have an array of discounts and travel services right at their fingertips. Below are some of the fantastic benefits CTA members enjoy!


As a CTA member some benefits are automatic such as CTA Group Legal Services, CTA Death & Dismemberment Plan, and CTA Disaster Relief Fund.

Also, in conjunction with NEA, all CTA members receive Educators Employment Liability (EEL) insurance up to $1,000,000!! This incredible benefit has limitations so go to page 5 of the Member Benefits Highlights to find out more!

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Not only are members protected with EEL insurance, the general legal service CTA provides can be invaluable in a time of need. Click the logo to find out more!

Are you CTA member that suffered a loss from a natural disaster? Click to brochure to find out if you qualify for this automatic benefit.


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A personal finance class for high school students that meets "a-g" requirements? Click the pic to read more from CTA!

CTA and NEA have a model for a solid community school!

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Escape rooms are a great way to get everyone involved. There's even a freebie!

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