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Our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), or "contract", outlines our working conditions and ensures that we can all do our jobs effectively.  The Gilroy Teachers Association works hard to advocate for members regarding all areas of the contract. 

While the the top priority of any teachers association is a competitive salary and benefits package that gives current educators a reason to stay, and new educators a reason to join, there are other huge benefits to a CBA. 

Our association has worked hard to improve and strengthen working conditions in areas such as:

     * Evaluations

     * Safety

     * Leaves

     * Class Size

     * Hours and Days

     * ...and much more!

We are proud of our contract but it does not happen by magic. The Gilroy Teachers Association is not a third party.  It is YOU!  It is all of us working together as a collective body collaborating with the administration to have a great place for members to work providing an excellent education and superior services for our students and families!

To view your contract and other negotiations news, click here.

To view the GTA calendar click here.

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