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GTA Executive Board

Caitlin bio.jpg

I am a GUSD graduate, Gilroy High School English teacher, and proud GTA secretary. I decided to become involved in the GTA leadership team because I believe in the power of organized labor and collective action to make positive change and I have seen firsthand what we can accomplish when we work together.


As part of GTA exec team, I plan to keep GTA united, facilitating the ease of access to our resources for unit members.  It is one of my many duties to continue organizing with the collaboration of union members in an effort to share successful ideas. It is my hope to encourage sustained engagement within our organization to enhance recruitment of our teachers and continued participation

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I teach 6th grade math and science at ASMS. I am a proud member of GTA because of our strong commitment to ensure a fair and equitable working environment for teachers, students, and overall school community.

Negotiations Team

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I teach science at Gilroy High School. I am proud to be a part of GTA because we work to improve working conditions for educators, which directly affects students. Being a part of GTA has helped my students, my colleagues, and community and ultimately, make things better for everyone.

Reilly Pic.jpg

I am the Literacy Facilitator at Eliot Elementary.  I am proud to be a part of GTA because of the strength, unity, and voice it affords to educators on behalf of the communities we serve.  Being a part of GTA creates a sense of belonging that allows us to provide safe and equitable work and learning environments for the growth and success of our students.

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I am a School Counselor at Ascencion Solorsano Middle School. I am honored to have an opportunity to learn from our brilliant colleagues. I believe in GTA and its values as we have seen how successful they have been in providing support and community for all educators! I am dedicated to serve, listen and contribute to this amazing team. 

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I teach Social Studies at Mt. Madonna High School and am a proud GTA member.  Over the years I have seen GTA consistently improve the lives and working conditions of our unit members and students.  I encourage all GTA members to learn their Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and become an active and informed member within OUR association.

Haley bio.jpeg

I teach 4th Grade Dual Immersion at Rod Kelley. I am proud to be a part of GTA and to represent our strong membership. I have seen firsthand how our voices can be heard when we come together to improve the working conditions of our members and how that directly impacts our students and community.


Site Representatives 2023-24

Ascencion Solorsano Middle School

Laura Schneider                                      

Brownell Middle School 

Monica Pirozolli

Barbara Kalman


Christopher High School

Nicole Bylsma

Susanna Lee

Andrew Williams

Regina Wilson

Ricky Thompson

Sonya Morley         


Eliot Elementary

Carol Juneau                

Reilly McBride

El Roble Elementary

Jacinto Arias                      

Norma Olivares

Gilroy Early College Academy              

Ishrat Khatoon


Gilroy High School

Bria DeLorenzo                  

Frederico Saldana             

Vicente Ramirez

Allyah Perez

William Chavez


Glen View Elementary

Tim Cully                  

Janel Gonzalez

Las Animas Elementary

Ivory Trams

Luigi Aprea Elementary                  

Christine Hart

Melissa Wadsworth


Mt. Madonna High School

Ackard Allison



Nancy Fernandez-Lara


Rod Kelley Elementary

Azucena Quinonez           

Haley Saldana


Rucker Elementary

Tracy Johnson           


South Valley Middle School

GTA Grievance Coordinator

Christine Hart

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