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GTA is fighting for what LCFF intended - smaller class sizes in K-3. Additional funds were provided starting in 2013-14 to reduce class size in K-3. Smaller class sizes in K-3 benefit everyone, not just elementary educators, by providing earlier support and intervention, positive relationships with schools, and more. Student learning conditions are educator working conditions! 

The District’s First Interim Financial Report is an important document used to assess the District’s fiscal health now and in the future.  According to the report, the District has a historically robust budget showing record revenues and reserve levels.

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In the 2022-2023 school year, the CA legislature increased ongoing funds to TK-12 by 13.26%. While 6.56% was COLA, another 6.7% increase was to the local control funding formula (LCFF). The Legislative Analyst Office predicts an increase in funding in the 23-24 year by over 8%.

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