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An advocate for your career: Your leadership team collectively bargain contracts based on YOUR input. Providing smaller class sizes, meaning better learning conditions.  Ongoing increases to salary, benefits and working conditions for educators who spend their days making sure students are safe, well fed and learning.  Increasing classroom safety and support for students, through caseload caps and contract language that protects teachers in the classroom.

A partner: Have a question about the contract and working conditions? Or how to request a day off? We're here to get you an answer quickly. Need help with classroom management? Unsure how to proceed with certain situations?  We have experience tackling issues, so you don't have to do it alone.

A place for professional growth: Gilroy Teachers Association utilizes the numerous opportunities provided by CTA staff, member trainers and experts offer hundreds of free professional development opportunities across the state help you grow throughout your career.

A voice for public education: The decisions local school boards, state lawmakers and Congress make impact your classroom, school and profession. GTA, CTA and NEA have people fighting for you every day, connecting members to their policymakers and other state and federal officials to ensure their voices are heard when decisions are made.

Most importantly, when we stand together in our union, we have a voice in our profession and a seat at the table to negotiate fair wages and benefits.

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