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The District will proclaim that one time funding can not be spent for ongoing expenses like class size reduction, more support staff, or better salaries to fill vacant teaching positions. GTA agrees! One time money can only be spent one time. That's why all of GTA's positions on funding classrooms appropriately refer to ONGOING funding.

If the District reserve is a savings account that can only be spent one time, what does that have to do with providing great learning conditions for today's students? The answer lies in the massive growth of the GUSD UNRESTRICTED Reserve. Unrestricted means the dollars in the reserve savings account had no special purpose when they were part of ONGOING UNRESTRICTED REVENUE. Those funds could have been spent on students and educators in today's classrooms! Instead, those ONGOING funds were diverted into a reserve savings account.

The huge growth of the reserve is an indicator that ONGOING UNRESTRICTED REVENUE was diverted away from the classroom and turned into one time reserve savings funds. GTA is fighting for proper funding and support of TODAY'S students and educators, instead of bloating a reserve savings account.

Big Reserves, Slighted Classrooms!
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