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If one listens to a district analysis of a demographer's report, the focus is typically negative. In the years when enrollment increased, there was no mention of birth rates. When enrollment started to decline and the demographer pointed out that birth rates were declining, suddenly birth rate data was the only data point referenced. Now, according to the same demographer, birth rates are increasing. The logical argument is that increased enrollment is on the way!

Of course, in GUSD the argument will be that students born today won't be in school for 5 years. That sort of outlook shortchanges the students in classrooms today! The time to invest in teachers and students is today.

The fallacy of arguing budgets based on students five years from the classroom can be seen in any of the historical GUSD data. The projections a mere three years away are often wrong by 200%-300%!

Invest in today's classrooms, students, and teachers!

Gilroy Birth Rates on the Rise!
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