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When the historical data is presented, it becomes glaringly obvious that people serving students are not valued. GTA has provided many different charts and graphs of ACTUAL financial data. The District continues to use projections that may or may not happen; projections that have proven consistently inaccurate to the detriment of students and teachers.

Based on the ACTUAL historical financial data, it is clear that building a massive reserve savings account has been at the forefront of the GUSD financial priority checklist. The idea of a bloated reserve for financial doom and gloom is a scare tactic. GUSD has NEVER had to rely on the reserve savings.

It is important to note that the reserve savings is one-time money that is not designed to support ongoing expenditures such as class size reduction or added support personnel. More important is to note where the reserve savings comes from in the first place: ONGOING REVENUE MEANT FOR TODAY'S CLASSROOMS!

It is up to the District to change its spending habits and make educators and students a priority!

Huge Reserve, Poorly Paid Educators
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