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All districts must make a multi-year projection (MYP). An MYP uses assumptions in areas like enrollment, staffing, and cost of living adjustments to look at future spending and revenue. Done accurately, the ACTUAL budget numbers for the year should be reasonably close to the projections. One could argue what a "close" number is, but there isn't much argument that inaccuracies resulting in differences between projected and actual totals of 250% after one year and over 300% after two years are ridiculous!

Some would say that one-time monies are why that difference occurred. However, by reviewing the ONGOING revenue charts it is clear that this is not about one-time funds. Additionally, the regular use of inaccurate projections gives the Board and the community the idea that there is no future to improve the conditions for students and teachers.

Did you know there is a pattern of inaccurate projections? Check out the chart below to learn more.

Projection or Guess?
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