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Nego Update

What is collective bargaining?

Collective bargaining – a mutual exchange of positions followed by agreement – enables Gilroy educators to negotiate a binding written contract with our employer. This gives us a voice in our workplace and ensures all of us are treated fairly. Our contract helps guarantee that schools are safe and that our students can receive the individual attention they deserve.


What is tenure?

After at least two years of careful observation by their principal, highly qualified teachers in California can obtain due process rights known as “tenure.” Due process means teachers are treated fairly during any disciplinary process. This empowers us to advocate for our students without fear of retaliation.

Do “good” teachers need a union?

Gilroy educators work collectively to improve learning and teaching conditions for everyone. That includes holding the school board accountable to carefully use taxpayer money on student achievement. Our work touches every educator and we need every educator’s support to be effective.


What if my rights are violated?

Being in a union means that you’re never alone when there’s a problem. GTA Site Representatives at every school can help you when your contractual rights are violated. 


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